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about black girl interrupted | Black Girl Interrupted serves as my outlet for creativity + introspective thought. For me, it’s a time capsule and a purpose to do my favorite thing, create. And for others — should people stumble across it — I hope it serves as a resource and a reminder one experience does not fit all, and to accept + love the journey. 

My ultimate manifestation for Black Girl Interrupted is it becomes an online community for all people to speak-up and share their story. And for us to collectively contribute to the demise of stigmas, stereotypes, and statistics. 

about me | Capturing + sharing my coming of age + coming of consciousness journey through videos + words. More gratitude, less instant gratification. Not an expert. Not an influencer. Not interested in becoming either. 🙃 Disclaimer done. 

basics //

name: jazmine "jaz" reed-clark /

age: 27 /

city: dallas by way of atlanta, with time in ohio /

hobbies + interests: true crime podcasts, trying for a puppy, spirituality, target home decor, only wearing Birkenstocks, calligraphy, trap-themed fitness classes / 

current focus: marriage + wellness + self-acceptance / 


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