Welcome to Black Girl Interrupted: Who I am + What's all the fuss about.

So, I’m writing again. Which is weird to, well, write (and subsequently say and read aloud). For years, ‘writer’ was my greatest identifier. I spent years finger painting my thoughts onto digital canvases and smearing the words of a once-wounded twenty-something into some beautiful, something that resonated with a young audience. Once I transitioned from the advertising world into human resources, I lost the time. But I didn’t lose the bit of madness. I’m writing again for so many reasons: for my mental health, for my creativity, for people who don’t see their story getting told, or not getting told the right way.

Which leads me into my why — why cultivate this blog and spotlight myself (someone who is not on social media) as the protagonist? The answer is simple yet feels paramount; I wasn’t seeing or hearing a story I could completely relate to in modern media. One experience does not fit all. There are not enough examples, resources, and stories detailing, celebrating, honoring, and encouraging the Black Female millennial experience. We need more. There is silent suffering that needs a voice; there is a war being fought in our gentrified, coffee-trimmed streets; there are stigmas, stereotypes, and statistics that have been beaten into us and have beaten us down; you can cut the microaggression with a knife.

But this goes beyond it being a “Black thing” or a “feminist thing”; I’ve grown tired of the perfectly-lit, dreamy, creamy minimalist chic porn we’ve all been all jerking to. I don’t want a product-pushing heroine who has it all together; that’s not aspirational — that’s an impossible feat, and it’s been giving me a complex. I don’t want to condition and strive to say the “right” thing, I don’t want there to be “a right thing”, and I don’t need an ~*aesthetic*~ lifestyle. I want my influencers and figures to be real, to say the raw thing, and encourage me to accept my journey.

...And because we’ve all seen the “Be the change you want to see in the world” on an inspirational poster or at the bottom on your mother’s email signature — Black Girl Interrupted was birthed. 

Hello and welcome.

Black Girl Interrupted has been nestled in the bottom of some brain-boxes in my “mind attic” for several months now. Shifted and tossed around and finally ready to come off the shelf. I don’t know where it will be a year from now, because I don’t know where I will be a year from now. However, I know as a storyteller, I want to tell my underrepresented story. I have messages I want to communicate to the world with this blog: It’s OK to be in progress; It’s OK to admit you don’t fit into a box; It’s OK to not be ‘enough’ (black enough, Latinx enough, feminist enough, pretty enough, classy enough, driven enough) for some people; It’s OK and healthy to get help and focus on your mental health; It’s OK to talk about getting help. It’s OK to love and accept yourself + your journey.

My ultimate manifestation for Black Girl Interrupted is it become an online community for all people to speak-up and share their story. For us to collectively contribute to the demise of stigmas, stereotypes, and statistics.

I am stupid happy buzzing with ideas and possibility for Black Girl Interrupted. Here’s a list of some of the things I hope to write about and capture:

  • Black beauty routines

  • My hair journey — what’s working, what’s not

  • My interracial marriage

  • Marriage in general :)

  • Mental health

  • Self-love + self-acceptance

  • What I’m working on in therapy

  • Female friendships

  • Balance

  • Flaws

  • Playlists

  • Career goals, accomplishments, and missteps

  • Accepting my unique Black experience

  • Being the guardian of my own energy

  • Heartbreak scars

  • Personal style

  • "Emotional / energetic minimalism"

  • Moments that challenge me 

  • Moments turned memories + keepsakes 

Finally, once and for all, what is Black Girl Interrupted?

Black Girl Interrupted is a safe space platform for storytelling. Currently, it serves as my outlet for creativity + introspective thought. For me, it’s a time capsule and a purpose to do my favorite thing, create. And for others — should people stumble across it — I hope it serves as a resource and a reminder one experience does not fit all, and to accept + love the journey. Black Girl Interrupted isn’t an aesthetic-heavy lifestyle blog; it’s an ongoing love story between one girl and herself, with hopes of being a library of stories from all + for all.